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Happy Valentine’s Day/ Happy Tuesday

My husband and I don’t really do Valentine’s day.

We say;

‘Happy Valentine’s day’

and a couple of years ago we even bought each other cards. They’re actually still in a drawer wrapped in plastic waiting for us to deem a year worthy of pulling them out. We both forgot to write them one year. We were busy with a baby and have been busy with said baby and the next baby ever since. Continue reading “Happy Valentine’s Day/ Happy Tuesday”


Finding a Lump

There’s that split second when, on whatever part of your body, you find a lump and you stop breathing. It happens us all and the majority of the time your logical mind kicks in and you realise you’ve had a head cold and it’s probably a swollen lymph node or you hit yourself against the corner of the table yesterday so it’s probably just a bit of swelling and bruising under the skin.  Continue reading “Finding a Lump”

Mammy Musings

Motherhood- The New Reason to be a Prick

Congratulations, you’ve just had a baby. Welcome to a world of sisterhood, of solidarity among women. As a wise woman once said to me, children are a great leveller. No matter where you’re from or what you do in life there are going to be many milestones and hurdles you’ll share with the many, many other mothers out there. Unity is great, amazing, liberating and unfortunately, it would seem, unobtainable. Continue reading “Motherhood- The New Reason to be a Prick”

Mammy Musings

Why I’m cancelling Christmas!

Ok I’m not actually cancelling Christmas. In fact with a 2 and a half year old who’s just understanding about Santa it’s pretty exciting. Also the fact that I spent last Christmas in bed and vomiting with my second pregnancy I really can’t wait to fully enjoy this one with my baby safely on the outside of my body.
What I am cancelling is all the present buying. Aside from my little ladies, who will only get something small as Santa will be taking care of them, I’m not getting anything for anyone. Nope, no one! Not my mam and dad, not my brother, not my father-in-law, not my aunts, not my cousin, not my friends, not anyone!  Continue reading “Why I’m cancelling Christmas!”

Mammy Musings

Mammy Musings: An Extraordinary Mammy

I want to be a great Mammy, I want my children to adore me every phase of their lives, even when they’re teenagers. I want to always be there for them, no matter what. The thought of not being around to hold them when they’re teething, care for them when they’re sick, their first day at school, first time wearing makeup, first boyfriend/girlfriend, to see them walk down the aisle with their Dad, having their own children, it terrifies me.  Continue reading “Mammy Musings: An Extraordinary Mammy”

Mammy Musings

Mammy Musings: Cutting other Mammy’s some slack- not always a good idea!

My energy levels haven’t been great lately so I bundled up my two smallies and headed for the shopping centre to raid Boots. I turned into the high demand underground car park because dark clouds had begun rolling across the sky on the drive in.

Since my second baby has come along I’ve really learned the value of the wider family spaces now I have to get a girl out each side, so I headed straight for them.

No free ones. Feck!

Continue reading “Mammy Musings: Cutting other Mammy’s some slack- not always a good idea!”