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Fota Wildlife Park- Why I’m Renewing my Membership

Last year we were very lucky to have been gifted membership to Fota Wildlife Park from friends of ours and it was a fantastic and well used present.

Now that the year is up we had a decision to make – would we renew the membership and keep visiting when the sun shines/ doesn’t rain/ is only drizzling/ isn’t a monsoon? Continue reading “Fota Wildlife Park- Why I’m Renewing my Membership”


Make it Personal at

I love little mementos and keepsakes, especially from my girls birthdays. I keep everything from the candles right down to the little plastic weights tied to the ends of the ‘happy birthday’ balloons and the giant helium filled foil number.

Add personalisation to these keepsakes and I’m completely sold. That’s why when the lovely family behind asked me to review one of their plaques I didn’t hesitate. Continue reading “Make it Personal at”

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Shut Up I’m Trying to Write About How Much I Love You

Finding time to write with two smallies isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world. I remember before I had my girls, I was always talking about writing. I’m going to write this, I’m going to write that. Oh but if only I had the time. I’m just ever so busy. Continue reading “Shut Up I’m Trying to Write About How Much I Love You”

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Children’s Book Review: Monkey Blue

I had to pleasure of reviewing the first in a new children’s book series called Monkey Blue and Friends.

Monkey Blue is written by Laura Quinn and illustrated by Kevin McHugh,

The series was inspired by Laura’s own little monkey Cian and began life as a collection of stories she wrote about her son, originally entitled Curious Cian. Continue reading “Children’s Book Review: Monkey Blue”


Submitting your Book- Cover Letter and Synopsis

My book is finished – finally – and my first three chapters are edited and ready to go so now I’ll just send it off to agents and publishers, right?

Nope, not yet. I need a cover letter and synopsis first. After researching and trawling through the Writers & Artists Yearbook with a highlighter only to alter the colour of entire pages I put together some notes to help me get everything together to send off my book. I decided to make a blog post from my notes to help anyone else who may be at the same stage – or about to be. Continue reading “Submitting your Book- Cover Letter and Synopsis”

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Just Give the Child a Damn Cupcake

There’s a lot of things, as parents, that we feel we should do. Even if it’s something you don’t want to do or something that doesn’t fit with you and your family.

Discipline is one of those things. Gauging when it’s necessary is part I find most difficult but as a parent you learn something new every single day. Continue reading “Just Give the Child a Damn Cupcake”

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Children’s Book Review: Jungle Jam and Jungle Jam in Brazil

The Jungle Jam books are aimed at 0-5 year olds and were created by wife and husband team Louise and Noam Lederman who discovered a gap in the market for Early Years books relating to band music, musical culture and sounds, following the birth of their first child.

We were sent both of the Jungle Jam books for review. The first in the series Jungle Jam and the latest book Jungle Jam in Brazil. Continue reading “Children’s Book Review: Jungle Jam and Jungle Jam in Brazil”