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Playground Parents – Which Type Are You?

Over the last few years I have concluded that there are three different types of Playground Parent.

The first is a Helicopter Parent. A Helicopter Parent can be defined as one who consistently hoovers around their child in an overly protective manner. These parents can be found immediately next-to, in-front of or behind their child. Continue reading “Playground Parents – Which Type Are You?”

Mammy Musings

9 Random Ways I’ve Changed Since Becoming a Mother

We change a lot when we become a parent, in so many different ways.

These are 9 of the more unexpected ways I’ve changed since becoming a mother:

1. First and foremost I’m happier. I wasn’t unhappy before but since becoming a mother I’ve had an overwhelming sense of complete and utter contentment and that’s pretty incredible. Continue reading “9 Random Ways I’ve Changed Since Becoming a Mother”

Mammy Musings · Writing

Shut Up I’m Trying to Write About How Much I Love You

Finding time to write with two smallies isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world. I remember before I had my girls, I was always talking about writing. I’m going to write this, I’m going to write that. Oh but if only I had the time. I’m just ever so busy. Continue reading “Shut Up I’m Trying to Write About How Much I Love You”

Mammy Musings

Just Give the Child a Damn Cupcake

There’s a lot of things, as parents, that we feel we should do. Even if it’s something you don’t want to do or something that doesn’t fit with you and your family.

Discipline is one of those things. Gauging when it’s necessary is part I find most difficult but as a parent you learn something new every single day. Continue reading “Just Give the Child a Damn Cupcake”

Mammy Musings · pregnancy

That Time I Wasn’t in Labour

I remember it like it was yesterday. There I was, wondering who made the call to decorate the floor of a maternity hospital waiting room with giant blue paw prints when my name was called. Up I jumped. OK, jumped is a bit of a stretch. Up I got slowly and tentatively with my feet firmly planted shoulder width apart in an effort to balance until I was fully upright. And off I went. Into the room where a stranger would shove their hand up my lady parts as physically possible. Continue reading “That Time I Wasn’t in Labour”