And Then There Were Two

There is very little in this world that will prepare you for the arrival of your first child. Ante-natal classes, the copious amounts of advice that everyone imparts on you – some don’t even need to actually have children to throw in their two cents.

While some of the advice may be helpful – in hindsight – very little will help an expectant mother with no idea what’s on the horizon.

Waiting for the arrival of my first baby I had equal measures trepidation about what was to come and adamant certainty about exactly how I would parent my impending arrival. I will openly admit that almost none of these certainties panned out.

This, however, isn’t about all the craziness that ensues when you become a mother for the first time – this is about the sequel. I have learned that the only thing that really and truly prepares you for the arrival of a baby, is the arrival of a baby.

Don’t misunderstand me, the arrival of a second child into the family comes with its very own unique set of challenges but it doesn’t carry all of the same uncertainties and terrors that you may have had with your first baby.

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How To Cope with Missing Things When You Become A Mammy

Having children, especially small children, can often mean missing out on things – all those birthdays, hen parties, weddings, functions and events – even a blog awards ceremony – that have the audacity to occur when you’re caught up in life with a baby. This has happened me, these last few years, more times that I can count. You name it, I’ve probably missed it but that’s just a part of motherhood – especially with little ones who have an affinity for boob-on-draught and limited childcare options. It was just an aspect of motherhood that I had to adjust to and in that adjustment I have developed a number of coping mechanisms to help me deal with the inevitable cases of FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out.

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