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My Second Pregnancy Part 3: There Will Be Blood

I had a bleed- a heavy bleed. When I saw the blood I swear my heart stuttered in my chest. I was terrified and not just because of the bleeding; I was cramping, and my back was aching.

I was so afraid I was going to lose my baby. My husband and I went straight to the emergency room. Continue reading “My Second Pregnancy Part 3: There Will Be Blood”

Health · Mammy Musings · pregnancy

My Second Pregnancy Part 2: Knocked Up

A number of things happened next. I purchased and peed on four more pregnancy tests of varying brands. All positive.

I went to the doctor, got my bloods taken and my HCG level checked. The results were high. I was definitely pregnant but I had to wait another 48 hours to re-check the level and see if it had doubled, which would mean the pregnancy was progressing. It had! That meant the pregnancy was viable.  Continue reading “My Second Pregnancy Part 2: Knocked Up”

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Turning Three- The Age I’ve been terrified of…

In two short months my little girl is going to turn three and I’m absolutely terrified. Not because I’m afraid of the dreaded morphing into a threenager- being perfectly honest I think that’s quite entertaining. The other day I wouldn’t give my girl another biscuit and she stormed off and slammed the sitting room door. I thought it was absolutely hilarious! I couldn’t show her I thought that, of course, but I did. I laughed- a lot. All I could think was; and so begins the process of receiving my comeuppance for all the times I slammed the door on my own parents. Continue reading “Turning Three- The Age I’ve been terrified of…”

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Happy Valentine’s Day/ Happy Tuesday

My husband and I don’t really do Valentine’s day.

We say;

‘Happy Valentine’s day’

and a couple of years ago we even bought each other cards. They’re actually still in a drawer wrapped in plastic waiting for us to deem a year worthy of pulling them out. We both forgot to write them one year. We were busy with a baby and have been busy with said baby and the next baby ever since. Continue reading “Happy Valentine’s Day/ Happy Tuesday”