My Second Pregnancy Part 2: Knocked Up

A number of things happened next. I purchased and peed on four more pregnancy tests of varying brands. All positive.

I went to the doctor, got my bloods taken and my HCG level checked. The results were high. I was definitely pregnant but I had to wait another 48 hours to re-check the level and see if it had doubled, which would mean the pregnancy was progressing. It had! That meant the pregnancy was viable.  Continue reading “My Second Pregnancy Part 2: Knocked Up”

Finding a Lump

There’s that split second when, on whatever part of your body, you find a lump and you stop breathing. It happens us all and the majority of the time your logical mind kicks in and you realise you’ve had a head cold and it’s probably a swollen lymph node or you hit yourself against the corner of the table yesterday so it’s probably just a bit of swelling and bruising under the skin.  Continue reading “Finding a Lump”

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