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Hello and thank you for taking to time to have a look at my site. You must have nothing better to be doing… Joking!! Welcome!

My name is Michelle and I never wanted children. They just weren’t my ‘thing’. When I was six my little brother came along – or was found under a cabbage. My parents pushed that explanation for years. With such a big age gap my Mam thought the best approach would be to get me a doll that I could care for while she was busy with the new baby.

A solid idea- in theory. However, a couple of days in to caring for my plastic offspring, I lovingly washed it in the bath as my Dad washed my brother. Unfortunately, afterwards I hated the smell of the doll (Johnson’s baby wash – never been a fan) and quite matter-of-factly threw it in the bin.

Well I can tell you my parents kept a damn close eye on me with my brother after that!

Jump forward twenty-five years to the present and I’m a thirty-something year old Mammy to two beautiful little girls who I’ve never even contemplated throwing in the bin – at least not yet!

I live in an Irish village with my husband who’s been my best friend since we were sixteen and our home is run by a three year old and a nine month old and we’re loving every minute of it.

I was once a driven career woman. I was going to be a big fancy pants scientist and earn loads of monies. Even when I decided, ya know what, I wouldn’t mind a baby- which was like a switch flicked to ‘on’ when I got married, by the way- I still planned on furthering my career but then- BAM- my baby was born.

Life changed a lot but I changed utterly, I became something more. It was as if a part of me, a part I hadn’t even known I was missing, had arrived and completed me. I became something I was always meant to be, I became a Mother.

Now, since my second baby girl has come along I’ve become a stay-at-home mom and I’ve never felt more complete and excited about the future in my entire life.

Also, I love to write. whether it’s short stories, poetry, a long suffering YA novel, I just love writing. It’s that love of writing along with becoming a mother that led to this blog and I hope you enjoy reading it because I truly enjoy writing it.



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