Book Review: The Abandoned by Sharon Thompson

I was sent a copy of The Abandoned for an honest review. I also purchased the e-book version for kindle. All thoughts and opinions are – and always will be – my own.

The Blurb:

Peggy Bowden has not had an easy life. As a teenager, her mother was committed to an asylum and then a local priest forced her into an abusive marriage. But when her husband dies in an accident Peggy sees an opportunity to start again and trains as a midwife.

In 1950s Dublin it is not easy for a woman to make a living and Peggy sees a chance to start a business and soon a lucrative maternity home is up and running.

But when Peggy realizes that the lack of birth control is an issue for women, she uses their plight as a way to make more money. Very soon Peggy is on the wrong side of the law.

What makes a woman decide to walk down a dark path? Can Peggy ever get back on the straight and narrow? Or will she have to pay for her crimes?

Set against the backdrop of Ireland in the 1950’s The Abandoned tells the story of one woman’s fight for survival and her journey into the underbelly of a dangerous criminal world.

The Author:

Sharon Thompson lives in Donegal, Ireland. Represented by the Trace Literary Agency, Sharon writes crime fiction, short stories and commercial fiction. She has signed for a further two crime novels with her publishers Bloodhound Books.

Sharon’s short stories have been published in various on-line magazines. Her latest non-fiction piece is published on the international Dangerous Woman’s project. She is a regular contributor to Donegal Woman and websites and co-founded a trending writing tweet-chat called #WritersWise.

You can find out more about her on her website here.


The Review:

The Abandoned is a thrilling and exciting novel. It is fast paced and will keep you guessing the entire way through and that’s not even the best part. The best part is that you will share the journey with Peggy Bowden.

I have previously written a blog post about how I like my lead characters and Peggy Bowden ticks all the boxes. She is fierce, formidable and flawed; completely and utterly flawed, and it is this trait that makes her such an interesting and intriguing character.

Peggy is one of those characters that will stay with you long after you finish the book and, as a writer, I can only hope and aspire to write a character as memorable as Peggy Bowden.

The Abandoned is well-written and I can’t wait to read more from Sharon Thompson. Fortunately she has been signed for a further two crime novels with her publishers Bloodhound Books.

If you’re looking for a gritty, fast-paced crime novel that will keep you guessing The Abandoned is absolutely the book for you.

It was another book outside of my usual reads that I am so thankful I’ve read. I suspect my ‘usual’ genres are about to become a whole lot more varied.

You can buy The Abandoned on e-book from Amazon here.


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