Book Review: Both Sides of My Skin by Elizabeth Trach

I was sent this book from Annorlunda Books for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are – and always will be – my own.

Motherhood doesn’t always look like the sentiments from a greeting card.

The Blurb:

Both Sides of My Skin is a collection of four short stories about the reality of pregnancy and motherhood, from the uncertainty of waiting for pregnancy test results to the strange feeling of not being in control of your own body during pregnancy, labour, and the sometimes suffocating routines of parenting involving young children. These stories explore the changes motherhood brings – and what it means to be the lead character in your own story when key events are beyond your control.

The Author:

Elizabeth Trach is a writer and editor living in Newburyport, Massachusetts. She earned her M.A. in Creative Writing at the University of Massachusetts, Boston and her poetry has previously been published in The Worcester Journal. When not busy writing, she also sings in a band, grows almost all her own food, and occasionally even cooks it. You can catch up on her adventures in extreme gardening here or read more of her work here.


Every story in this book is incredibly relatable to expectant, new and seasoned mothers alike.

If the main issues of the stories don’t resonate there will be an aspect in each which will strike some chord – even something small such as the ability to perform as a contortionist to correctly pee on a pregnancy stick will ring home to many women.

Subject matter aside, the writing in these stories is very enjoyable. Trach is an excellent storyteller. This, combined with the very real topics, adds to the absolute realism of the characters. It’s no easy feat to write a series of short stories, so closely related, with similar subject matter and still create entirely different characters to experience them.

All four of these stories are different and every single one engages the reader and packs an emotional punch.


An enjoyable read for anyone but I highly recommend this collection of stories for any every mother.

All links to buy Both Sides of My Skin in book ebook and paperback can be found here.

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