Words by Water Kinsale Literary Festival 2017

Last week saw the first every Words by Water Kinsale Literary Festival held in, the beautiful town of, Kinsale. The festival lasted from Thursday to Sunday and featured many talented writers from Tara Flynn, Sarah Moore Fitzgerald, Paul Howard and many, many more.

There were workshops and readings galore and I was thrilled to attend both Sarah Moore Fitzgerald’s workshop and reading.

The workshop entitled;

“The novel writing process: from Pitch to publication,”

was, for an aspiring writer like myself, perfect. I’ll admit, being at the stage of polishing off my opening chapters to send out to agents and publishers, I was mostly excited about this workshop for the insights to the publication process. However, after listening to Sarah speak about the creative process of writing, what I left with was a real motivation to create – to write.

What more could you ask for from a writing workshop?

I did get all the information I wanted, about the publication aspect, but the real thrill of this workshop was to hear a published writer speak about writing with such incredible passion that I was truly inspired and went on my way highly motivated.

I also attended Sarah’s book reading in Kinsale Bookshop where she read from her YA books The Apple Tart of Hope and The List of Real Things – which I can’t wait to read because the character of Bee intrigued me immediately – due out in September.

Listening to Sarah discuss her books, and her characters especially, was like listening to someone talk about her children. A passionate writer who truly cares about her characters and the stories they tell – and that’s exactly the type of writer I aspire to be.

Keep an eye out on their website for next years festival.


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