Fota Wildlife Park- Why I’m Renewing my Membership

Last year we were very lucky to have been gifted membership to Fota Wildlife Park from friends of ours and it was a fantastic and well used present.

Now that the year is up we had a decision to make – would we renew the membership and keep visiting when the sun shines/ doesn’t rain/ is only drizzling/ isn’t a monsoon?

Well first things first, what would it cost us? Quite an important aspect of the whole decision-making process now that I’m officially on career break.

There are two options; Park membership or Conservation membership.

We had the Park Membership which costs €120 and covers:

  • Member + 1 adult or
  • Member + 2 children

Since children under the age of 3 are free that fully covered our little troop but now The Little One is 3 and so we have two options:

a) Renew the Park Membership for €120 and pay the extra €10.50 for The Little One on each visit or,

b) Upgrade our membership to the Conservation membership which costs €180 and covers a number of variables:

  • Member + 3 adults or,
  • Member + 2 adults + 2 children or,
  • Member + 1 adult + 4 children or,
  • Member + 6 children

Since it would take just 6 visits to make the Conservation membership the most cost-effective choice along with the fact that we can bring along other adults and/or children (you know who you are!) we figured it was definitely the best choice.

And so we chose. Not only would we renew but we’d upgrade to the Conservation membership and here are some of the reasons why:

  • It’s actually a good investment heading into an unpaid career break as we’ll always have something to do when the weather allows.
  • The Littlest One (1) will be walking soon and it’s a great place for little ones to toddle around and explore.
  • The Little One (3) loves animals – we all love animals – and, shockingly enough, Fota’s full of them.
  • Rhino’s are amazing!
  • Great viewing points for all the animals – people aren’t crammed into the same few feet – loads of space – great for little people who are very independent and want to see the animals without being picked up.
  • Ducks! Lots and lots of ducks! Smallies love ducks. It’s always one of our favourite parts. You can get a handful of bird feed for 50 cent and feeding the ducks is great fun… for everyone.
  • The Tropical House – now this is my absolute favourite spot. The Little One loves the butterflies and seeing them in their cocoons, the fish – especially ‘Nemo’- and the luminous jelly fish are beautiful and so mesmerising to watch.


  • One of the easiest places to venture with a double buggy.


  • Monkey’s – lots and lots of monkey’s! Could watch them and their antics for hours.
  • Capybara – cute and cuddly giant rodents- need I say more!?
  • Something different every visit – on our last visit the cheetahs were pacing along their fence looking for prey because some wallabies were roaming around their enclosure riling them up.
  • Babies!!! Baby animals, that it. That’s one of the best things about animals – they produce more animals. Smaller, even cuter versions of themselves. At the moment there are cheetah cubs and they are the most adorable little things, a very playful tiger cub and now some beautiful lion cubs have joined the gang.
  • Playgrounds
  • Loads of picnic tables
  • A train that goes from one side of the park to the other
  • Loads of parking
  • Super well stocked gift shop – you want a stuffed toy version of an animal in the park they have it.
  • Great place for making memories… and for trying out some new dance moves.

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