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I love little mementos and keepsakes, especially from my girls birthdays. I keep everything from the candles right down to the little plastic weights tied to the ends of the ‘happy birthday’ balloons and the giant helium filled foil number.

Add personalisation to these keepsakes and I’m completely sold. That’s why when the lovely family behind asked me to review one of their plaques I didn’t hesitate.

Take your pick, they told me, so I clicked onto the site and then I did hesitate. They have a massive selection for every possible occasion. I can find it hard to choose things at the best of times and so I contacted them and told them that my Littlest One was turning 1 soon and if they had anything that would suit that occasion it would be great.

They sent me the perfect plaque – a very clear sign of a company who know exactly what they’re doing. Not only is the plaque beautiful, personalised and decorated impeccably but it’s also the plaque that keeps on giving. Personalised to read:

“Today *The Littlest One* is… “

and beside this is a heart-shaped piece of blackboard where you can write in the age or any other milestones. I love it. I love that I can bring it out for ever birthday and it’s something I will keep as a constant over the years in the birthday photos. They included a little pack of chalk too which was highly appreciated.

The little touches are what make this plaque extra special. The attention to detail and obvious care taken to create the plaque is apparent in the added details like the love hearts and even the twine for hanging it up, decorated with a lovely pink bow.

The actual product is excellent and at €10/£12.99 with free delivery within the U.K. they’re very good value for money but that’s not what makes so special. What makes them a pleasure to deal with and why I will be purchasing another plaque, just the same, for my other girl is that they’re a family – first and foremost.

In 2013 Kevin gave up his job as Head of P.E. at a secondary school in London and moved to the coast where he and his wife grew this business from a single, red, wooden heart which read ‘I love you.’ Now they run this rapidly growing business from their home in Dundee allowing them to be with their beautiful children as they grow up- no mean feat to grow a successful business and a family all at the same. I wish them the utmost success in the future and I can’t wait to add to my plaque collection.


Click here for my plaque and have a look through all the lovely items at

Disclaimer: gifted me this plaque for an honest review.

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