Shut Up I’m Trying to Write About How Much I Love You

Finding time to write with two smallies isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world. I remember before I had my girls, I was always talking about writing. I’m going to write this, I’m going to write that. Oh but if only I had the time. I’m just ever so busy.Can’t write this weekend I’m heading out Saturday night so will spend Saturday day getting ready and Sunday will, of course, just be a day for recovery. Oh if only I had the time, I’ve loads I’d love to write.

I’ll do some during the week I’d reason; in the evenings after work. I’d get loads done. Might even arrive at next weekend with something finished; maybe a short story, a poem, a chapter of that long suffering novel. Yes, definitely during the week.

Monday would come and after shocking my system by completing a full day of work after the weekend I would be much too tired for anything as strenuous as writing by the time I got home. I’ll just watch an episode of – insert current TV show obsessions here – instead and definitely get some writing done tomorrow. There are plenty of days left in the week.

It never happened- well very rarely. The week would be busy, meeting friends for dinner, watching the latest episode of something, an impromptu date night. Work would feel long and I’d become more and more drained as the days ticked closer to the weekend but come mid-week I wouldn’t feel so bad. I’d catch up this weekend, no problem. I had no plans. Yup. This was the weekend, I’d get two full weeks worth of writing done.

This vicious cycle of procrastination continued on like this for years.

And then I had children. You’d imagine even considering writing then wouldn’t be possible, not when I’d been so ‘busy’ before, but a funny thing happened. Despite being constantly on the go looking after a baby, who turned into a toddler and then the arrival of another baby I’ve written more than I ever did before them.

Having children has made me realise how precious my time is and in those brief moments when neither girl needs my attention- I write. I now describe my writing like creating a patchwork quilt. Marathon sessions where I churn out a number of pieces are quite literally impossible but instead I write bits and pieces here and there in even the tiniest windows of time and then I stitch all these little bits together to (hopefully) create something- some complete piece of writing. Something I have made, something that wouldn’t exist if not for me and I can feel proud of that accomplishment.

I still laugh when I think about how I had no time for writing back when I had nothing but free time!

Becoming a mother has been one of the greatest things to ever happened me for many, many reasons and my writing is one of them. I guess after creating life, carrying and growing a baby for nine months, going through labour and then keeping a tiny human alive there’s a greater sense that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

I love to write and my girls have helped open that creative side of me. They’re my greatest inspiration and one of my favourite topics.

Now if only they’d shut up so I could write about how much I love them!

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