Children’s Book Review: Monkey Blue

I had to pleasure of reviewing the first in a new children’s book series called Monkey Blue and Friends.

Monkey Blue is written by Laura Quinn and illustrated by Kevin McHugh,

The series was inspired by Laura’s own little monkey Cian and began life as a collection of stories she wrote about her son, originally entitled Curious Cian.

Monkey Blue follows a cute little monkey who ventures to the supermarket with his Mum to get some food for breakfast. They meet a variety of friends along the way;

Millie Pillar, Eli Eagle, Geoffrey Giraffe and Duke the dog all join Monkey Blue and his Mum on their trip to the shop and prove to be very useful.

What’s to like:

  • Very well written – love the rhyming
  • Beautiful illustrations with bright vibrant colours – works very well at engaging children
  • Lovely story – heart warming and sweet

What’s not to like:

  • That we have to wait for the next book in the series

Interview with my 3-year-old:

Did you like this book?

Yes. I love Monkey Blue. He has a lovely name. (She loves colours so the name was a big hit!)

What was your favourite part?

“When they helped Millie get her porridge because she was too small. That was very nice of them.” (Awh, bless!)

And what happened in the end?

“They all had breakfast together because they’re all best friends.”


Monkey Blue deals with complex concepts such as friendship, diversity and inclusion in a wonderfully simple yet effective way for children.

I would highly recommend it as an addition to your children’s library and I can’t wait to see more from Laura Quinn.

The next in the series Grandma’s Special Pie will be released later this year followed by My Baby Sister early next year and we can’t wait to read them.

You can purchase Monkey Blue or pre-order other titles in the series here.

Enjoy Monkey Blue and his adventures too! 😉

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