Tayto Park

What is Tayto Park?

A theme park for all ages.

Where is Tayto Park?

Tayto Park,



Co. Meath

Who Went?

Me, my husband, the little one; 3 and the littlest one; 11 months.

Where did we Stay?

Knightsbrook Hotel,

Spa and Golf Resort,

Dublin Road,


Co. Meath

Was it Nice?

Yes! The family room was amazing.

Large L-shaped room with a double bed, two single beds, a sitting room area with two couches.

Loads of room for toys and a crawling baby.

Lovely swimming pool- just remember to bring your towels down from the room as they don’t provide them in the leisure centre.

Beautiful hotel- completely understand why it’s such a popular place for weddings.

IMG_9363Getting to Tayto Park

We entrusted Google Maps with the task of getting us from the hotel to Tayto Park and this was where it brought us:


I have no idea why. I can only assume that this is the back arse of Tayto Park’s furthermost border.

It may be better to follow the directions they provide on their website or enter in the GPS coordinates: 53.543011 – 6.46172


There’s a couple of car parks with loads of spaces so no problems there.


Entry only – €15

Entry and Wristband – €30 or €28 online

Children UNDER 3 are free.

What Tickets Should I Get?

For the children:

Firstly measure your child(ren).

If they are 1.1M or above they can go on the kids rides alone

If they are 84cms or above they can go on the kids rides accompanied by an adult.

If your child is above 84cms pay the €30 or €28 online to get a wristband. A wristband covers all rides and entry into the circus.

For the Adults:

If you will only be going on rides to accompany your child between 84cms – 1.1M you do NOT need additional tokens or a wristband.

Just pay your 15 euro entry and it’s another 5 euro for the circus at the circus (if you’re going) – when we were there they took cash so you don’t have to worry about getting tokens.

If, however, you’ll be going on some of the grown up rides like the Cu Chulainn Coaster or Viking Voyage it’d be better value to get the wristband for yourself too.

As a reference 84cms is the height of an average 22 month old girl and a 20 month old boy but that’s just a guideline so make sure you measure your little ones first.

Rides for Smallies

All the rides for smaller kids are in one area and separate from the big kid and adult rides which is great.

There’s loads of rides for smallies;

  • Train ride around the park
  • Air jumpers
  • Small ferris wheel
  • Tug boat
  • Honey pot bears
  • Leap frogs
  • Pony ride – imagine the ponies on a carousel broke free and took a meandering tour through beautiful greenery – I loved this!
  • Carousel

My 3 year old was over 84cm so either me or her dad joined her on all the rides.

She mentioned numerous times, on every ride how it was the best day of her life and the phrase ‘Oh my goodness’ got a serious using.

There’s nothing really for an 11 month old but she loved the music and watching her sister on the rides.


The circus is about 40 minutes long and my 11 month old absolutely loved it. My 3 year old did too but the popcorn was her favourite part. I, on the other hand, was terrified thanks to an irrational yet crippling fear of clowns. I must really love my children…


We had pizza at ‘Pizza Place.’ It was really tasty and good value for money with a 16inch Pizza and 4 drinks for €20.

What We Didn’t Have Time For

The Zoo and World of Raptors. There’s so much there we just didn’t get to fit everything in. Next time!

Other Highlights

Meeting Mr. Tayto

Chatting with the talking tree


My husband braved Cú Chulainn twice and thought it was a brilliant roller coaster. I would’ve gone on it too but, ya know, someone had to mind the girls and my neck was a bit stiff and my glasses could fall off and without them I wouldn’t see much and….Look the circus was enough terror for one day OK!

Free packet of Tayto’s from the little hut on the way out.

The Staff

The staff definitely need a special mention- they were all just so lovely and so good with the children. It really makes the whole experience extra special when your children are smiling and laughing before even getting on the rides.


We had an epic day. I would highly recommend visiting.

We’ll most definitely be returning but here’s where it gets tricky: We’ll only head back next year once the now 11 month old will be tall enough for the rides because I definitely wouldn’t enjoy spending the day explaining to a two year old that she can’t join her sister on any of the rides- but as soon as she hits 84cms we’re heading back to Tayto Park!

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