That’s it- I’m going Grey!

Yup, you read the title correctly, I’m going to do it- at the ripe old age of 32- I’m going to go grey!

And no, it’s not the case that I’ve just now started to go grey and I’m going to let it happen gradually from here on- oh no, my friend, I got my first grey hairs at 17.

Back then it was fine, I loved dyeing my hair. The more colours I got to try out the better. Even in my 20’s when the grey had spread I looked on the bright side- the random colours I chose would look even brighter on all those grey hairs.

Yes, I really am a glass half full kind of person.

I even thought it was the perfect excuse to go blonde. Goodbye dark brown hair with your wiry greys poking out, I was going to see if blondes (unnatural blondes, that is) had more fun.

Well I did, and they don’t- they don’t have time for fun because they are too busy washing, rinsing and repeating, conditioning, applying treatments and trawling through hair products looking for anything to keep their colour bright and to stop it feeling like a wire brush on their head.

And so I went back to my roots- my brown roots, that is.

But now, two children later and all the hair loss that entails- I’m grey- very, very grey.

Grey is now verging on becoming the majority share holder in ‘Colours on Michelle’s Head Inc.’

And after suffering with dry scalp for years it’s now at it’s absolute worst since having my second baby.

Hormones, I hope but either way my scalp is done. Finished. Declaring a no dye zone. It’s been 15 years and my scalp is, understandably, retiring from the dyeing game.

That leaves me with only one option; to embrace the grey.

Now I just need to figure out how; to find the easiest route- the path of least resistance.

I’m under no illusion that the ‘growing out’ stage is going to be hard but if I can just get over that it’ll be clear sailing, right?

I’m going to do it! I really am!… Aren’t I? I will. Probably…

Wish me luck!

Last photo of me without grey roots! 

6 thoughts on “That’s it- I’m going Grey!

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  1. Oh dear! I am so in your same boat, color wise. I haven’t tried going blonde yet … but I’m considering doing blond highlights. It does hide the grey somewhat! Funnily, I just saw a woman, maybe 50yo, with brown hair streaked (long streaks) with grey, and I thought it actually looked good. So there’s hope! Granted, she was nearly 20y older than us… Maybe some deep conditioning treatments will help your scalp (some natural oils???), and then you can do some dark blond highlights to transition into full-on grey/brown. I really wish you the best! Confidence is key… 🙂

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    1. Have tried the oil treatments too. I’ve tried so much at this stage I figure it must be something internal like hormones! That’s a mill!! I’ll post some
      updates soon because the roots are already really bad! 😫

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