Why I got my Newborn a Harry Potter Book

When my first girl was born I wanted to give her something. A first present from her Mammy, my first present to my daughter- something special.

Yes, I had just given her the gift of life but it didn’t seem like enough.

So as peculiar as it might seem I bought her a book. Not just any book- a Harry Potter book.

Harry Potter and the Philospher’s Stone.

Hardback with the cover art used when it was first published.

That was important because I wanted the same cover for her that was on the book I first read.

I know, I know, a newborn if pretty far off being read Harry Potter let alone reading it herself but it was such a special book.

Filled with magic, full of wonder and with a sense that you have just started something exciting and truly amazing.

That’s what made it the perfect gift for my little girl.

I only hope I can make the real world just as magical for her.

Without that pesky Lord Voldemort, of course.

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