My Second Pregnancy Part 2: Knocked Up

A number of things happened next. I purchased and peed on four more pregnancy tests of varying brands. All positive.

I went to the doctor, got my bloods taken and my HCG level checked. The results were high. I was definitely pregnant but I had to wait another 48 hours to re-check the level and see if it had doubled, which would mean the pregnancy was progressing. It had! That meant the pregnancy was viable. 

All good results but I just couldn’t shake my unease. Fortunately, my doctors agreed and organised an early scan for me at 7 weeks, in the Early Pregnancy Unit.

The scan couldn’t happen soon enough and I refused to let myself feel any excitement. My husband and I barely even mentioned the pregnancy to avoid getting our hopes up, just in case.

The day finally came and at 7 weeks I had a trans-vaginal scan. There on the screen was a little, teeny, tiny fuzzy black and white (unrecognizable) baby with the most beautiful sounding heartbeat.

Finally, I could breathe. There was my baby. I was pregnant and everything was perfect. Thankfully!

We were so happy leaving the scan we were practically giddy. It was such a relief to know everything was fine. I could finally tell my little girl she was going to be a big sister. Granted a much bigger deal for me than for her, but still, it felt like a milestone.

From then on everything progressed like it had in my first pregnancy. Bang on queue at just over 7 weeks the pregnancy sickness kicked in and forced me into my bed for weeks. Christmas was pretty much ruined but having gone through it all the first time round, I had expected it. Don’t get me wrong; it didn’t make things any easier; I only lost the baby weight from my first pregnancy in those first few months of my second with all the vomiting. But at least this time I knew it would (eventually) come to an end

My 12-week scan came round and we saw our baby (looking much more baby-like) on the screen, twirling around and kicking like a lunatic.

Everything looked great and we were through the first trimester. From here on in, it would be clear sailing!

Then at 14 weeks we hit a speed bump- hard…

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