Turning Three- The Age I’ve been terrified of…

In two short months my little girl is going to turn three and I’m absolutely terrified. Not because I’m afraid of the dreaded morphing into a threenager- being perfectly honest I think that’s quite entertaining. The other day I wouldn’t give my girl another biscuit and she stormed off and slammed the sitting room door. I thought it was absolutely hilarious! I couldn’t show her I thought that, of course, but I did. I laughed- a lot. All I could think was; and so begins the process of receiving my comeuppance for all the times I slammed the door on my own parents.

No, the reason my little girl turning three scares me is because for as long as she’s been in my life I have used her third birthday as a coping mechanism. You see, whenever I felt that time was moving at a frightening pace, a rate that I had never experienced before being a mother, I said to myself:

Don’t worry! She’s still a baby and she will be a baby until she’s three.

I’m not entirely sure of my logic for this. It was possibly because it’s the age for starting pre-school, the minimum age guideline on most toys, and when clothes no longer contain an age range.

Every time I packed away the baby gros and clothes she had just grown out of;

Three, she’s a baby until she’s three!

When she rolled over for the first time, when she sat up, stood, began walking, talking, potty trained, having full conversations…

It’s OK, she’s still a baby- not three yet.

Don’t worry, I’m not deluded enough to consider this an appropriate method for dealing with my little girl growing up but I have to say; it worked!

Unfortunately, there is one major drawback; she’s about to turn three.

What the feck am I going to do then?

Accept and embrace the reality that children grow up quickly and babies don’t stay babies for very long?

Nah, FIVE! They’re babies until they’re FIVE, really!

2 thoughts on “Turning Three- The Age I’ve been terrified of…

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  1. No! They’re always “our” babies. Even when they’ve flown the nest and made you a grandparent. They’re still babies. We’re approaching threenager stage too. It’s so funny with all the tantrums and the finger waggle “I said no mama” x

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