Happy Valentine’s Day/ Happy Tuesday

My husband and I don’t really do Valentine’s day.

We say;

‘Happy Valentine’s day’

and a couple of years ago we even bought each other cards. They’re actually still in a drawer wrapped in plastic waiting for us to deem a year worthy of pulling them out. We both forgot to write them one year. We were busy with a baby and have been busy with said baby and the next baby ever since.

Now, I’m as against commercialism as the next person but that doesn’t mean you have to crap all over Valentine’s day as a whole. There’s no set in stone rule saying you have to spend money and buy expensive, showy presents. No decree that your partner loves you more because you have the most flowers stuffed in a vase. No stipulation that if you’re not in a relationship the day doesn’t apply to you.

You don’t need to buy into any of that but you also don’t need to spend the day complaining about how it was created by greeting card companies.

Valentine’s day can just be about being a little bit nicer, a little more loving- to everyone.

Embrace the day for what it is- just another day in which you have the opportunity to be a nicer, kinder, better person. Only to those who deserve it, of course- the rest can piss off no matter what day of the year it is. 😉

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