Finding a Lump

There’s that split second when, on whatever part of your body, you find a lump and you stop breathing. It happens us all and the majority of the time your logical mind kicks in and you realise you’ve had a head cold and it’s probably a swollen lymph node or you hit yourself against the corner of the table yesterday so it’s probably just a bit of swelling and bruising under the skin. 

Bottom line, most often it’s nothing and you know it’s nothing. However the odd time there’s that niggling lump you can’t explain away, in a more ominous location like your breast and despite checking every 25 seconds it doesn’t just go away.

What should you do? Keep an eye on it? 

Of course.

Google every possible scenario and cause? 

No, don’t do that you’ll cause yourself some severely unnecessary heart stress. According to Google, everything is going to kill you and in the worst way possible. No Google!!

The one thing you should do, the one thing you must do is get it checked!

Do not be embarrassed, do not put it off because you’re up the walls- go to the doctor and get it checked. Just do it. Now, no more reading, GO!

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