Why I’m cancelling Christmas!

Ok I’m not actually cancelling Christmas. In fact with a 2 and a half year old who’s just understanding about Santa it’s pretty exciting. Also the fact that I spent last Christmas in bed and vomiting with my second pregnancy I really can’t wait to fully enjoy this one with my baby safely on the outside of my body.
What I am cancelling is all the present buying. Aside from my little ladies, who will only get something small as Santa will be taking care of them, I’m not getting anything for anyone. Nope, no one! Not my mam and dad, not my brother, not my father-in-law, not my aunts, not my cousin, not my friends, not anyone! 

Scrooge!! Grinch!! I hear you cry.
Well, wisht, and hear me out.

Every year we’re all running around, stressing over what to buy, who to buy for and let’s be honest, the majority of the time, no one remembers what you got them 12 months later.

That’s not what Christmas is about, so I’m calling it quits- with everyone! And it’s such a relief.
Instead of trawling through the shops and ultimately spending something outrageous, on whatever I can remotely associate with someone, just to get it over with I’m putting the money I would have spent together and donating it to one of the many amazing causes in this world that really need it.
There are so many good causes out there that the price of a beauty gift set (that you’re sister-in-law may not even like) could make a difference to such as your local hospitals Children’s Unit and Crumlin’s Children’s hospital. Maybe join me and reconsider the Christmas budget this year.
And don’t worry about people’s reaction to you because no matter what they think noones going to say

“No, don’t help a worthy cause! Buy me presents instead!!”

And if they do… well, that just makes it even easier not to buy for them… or associate with them… Your call! 🙂

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