Snuzpod Bedside Crib 3-in-1

The Snuzpod is a bedside crib, stand alone crib and the bassinet can be removed to act like a Moses basket in another room. This is why it’s called the 3-in-1. Realistically you’ll just use it as a bedside crib. 


  • It’s gorgeous. It’s genuinely one of the best look cribs around and the wooden finish comes in a variety of colours.
  • Convenient to have your baby so close and accessible. Very handy for breastfeeding.
  • Attaches securely to any kind of bed. We’ve had it attached to both a wooden frame and a divan.
  • The zip down mesh side can lay flat and bridge any slight gap between the crib and your mattress.


  • Expensive. €279 in Bella Baby and that includes your mattress.
  • Too cumbersome to be removing the bassinet and carrying around the house.
  • Quite narrow. If you’ve a baby who likes to stretch out in their sleep they’ll most definitely be touching the side.
  • All the fabric it quite rough and the you’ll need to cover over the folded down side because it is so rough and scratchy.
  • The height isn’t infinitely adjustable so there is a possibility or having a slight height difference between the crib and mattress.
  • Not very high. We’ve a king sized divan with a standard sized mattress and there was a significant difference in height so had we had to remove the little feet under the divan base to match them up.
  • Attached to the bed with straps so there’s no option of moving it for getting in and out of the bed. You’ll have to shimmy down the bottom of the bed. Not the most convenient for bottle feeding, or night time bathroom trips especially if you’ve had a tough labour or a c-section.
  • If you want to use a Cocoonababy nest the sides of the Snuzpod are not high enough and it’s not recommended. Look into the Sleepyhead pod instead.

I know there’s a lot more cons there but I still love my Snuzpod, maybe just because it’s so pretty.
Honestly, we pretty much co-sleep but my Snuzpod makes for a fantastic bed guard rail/nappy and wipes holder, albeit an expensive one.

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