Mammy Musings: Cutting other Mammy’s some slack- not always a good idea!

My energy levels haven’t been great lately so I bundled up my two smallies and headed for the shopping centre to raid Boots. I turned into the high demand underground car park because dark clouds had begun rolling across the sky on the drive in.

Since my second baby has come along I’ve really learned the value of the wider family spaces now I have to get a girl out each side, so I headed straight for them.

No free ones. Feck!

In my rearview mirror I saw a car start to pull out. Lucky me, I thought, but it was a one-way system, I couldn’t just turn around. I decided to do the lap of the car park and see if the space was still there by the time I got around. I turned back down the aisle and there it was! The glorious, extra wide space waiting just for me. I hit my indicator and was just about to turn in when a giant people carrier swings around the corner, coming the wrong way down the one-way flow and nearly takes the front off my car trying to get the space.

We both stop- starting at each other.

It’s one way, I mouth pointing out the arrows painted in white on the road.
I know, I know, she’s nodding.

I was here first, I mouth gesturing between myself and the space.

I know, I know she’s still nodding.

Confusion set in. Why was she agreeing with me and still blocking my way into the space…
I look at her then.
Please? she’s mouths, a weary look on her face, and then it hits me. She’s a Mammy and that big people carrier is probably loaded down with smallies she has to cart around to get the shopping done.

Cut her some slack, I think to myself, do your good deed for the day. You know what’s it like to be up to ninety, in fact you’re having one of those days, give another Mammy a break. It’ll come back to you. 

I smile and nod as I reverse back.
I park in a tight space down the aisle trying to figure out who I need more space to get out; the toddler or the 10 week old.

I step out of my car, feeling pretty good about myself when I look up the aisle to the space I relinquished.

Out she jumps, fresh coat of lipstick just applied, stunning stilettos and….. what the ****??? NO CHILDREN! Not a one!!

I’m standing there my mouth wide open, barely even hearing the toddler shouting to get out and the baby crying, and she looks over at me, smirking as she throws her bag over her shoulder and walks off.

I was duped.

As much as being a Mammy can give you a sense of sisterhood with other mothers, one important thing you should always remember is that even though they may also have procreated there are some women out there who will always be bitches!

4 thoughts on “Mammy Musings: Cutting other Mammy’s some slack- not always a good idea!

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  1. Wowww.
    I can not believe she would do that to you. Shame on her! I know you were not in a position to go say something but, man! I want to just for you.
    I’ve seen people Park in those spots with 10 year Olds and I’m here with my 9 month old parking way in the back and navigating a stroller.
    Like come on.

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